Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection

  eLearning ("Distance Learning") Programme


Practitioner Certificate in Data ProtectionThe UK's leading Practical Qualification for Data Protection Professionals




The Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection ("PC.dp.") is the practical qualification for those that work in the fields of data protection and privacy. Successful completion of the Programme demonstrates to employers and others that the candidate possesses a solid knowledge of data protection law, as well as an understanding of the practical implications for organisations of the GDPR.


The Qualificaton can be undertaken on the following basis:

  • eLearning Programme (also known as "Distance Learning")
  • Classroom / Virtual-LIVE Programme

Outlined below is further information the 'eLearning' version of the Programme. Individuals looking to complete the in-person/Virtual-LIVE option should view Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection - Classroom/Virtual-LIVE Programme


Includes full instruction on the UK GDPR



The eLearning ("Distance Learning") Programme

The eLearning Programme provides candidates with the opportunity to study the material in their own time and at their own pace, either at home or in the office. The comprehensive materials are made available 'on-demand' and consist of 14 learning modules. Each module contains self-assessment questions (with answers) to allow candidates to test their knowledge and to prepare for the online examination.


"Due to my many other commitments, being able to study at my own convenience and access content on-demand was invaluable"

The Exam

When candidates are ready, they can proceed to take the online examination. The examination is ‘open book’, meaning that candidates can refer to their materials, books and notes during the examination.


The Fee

The fee for the Distance Learning Programme is £2,395 plus VAT. A discount of 10% is available for each additional candidate from your organisation enrolling at the same time.


Syllabus and Examination Board

The Syllabus for the Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection Programme is available for download here. Information on the Members of the Examination Board is available here


PC.dp GDPR Conversion online exam

The Programme is wholly on-demand enabling you to learn at your own pace

Register of Qualified Data Protection Practitioners

The online register of those who have gained the Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection can viewed here

Further Information

If you have a query about the Programme, please:

  • visit the online FAQs
  • telephone PDP on +44 (0)207 014 3399
  • contact us by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Three easy ways to enrol onto the Programme:

  • apply online
  • telephone PDP on +44 (0)207 014 3399
  • contact us by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Continuing Professional Development

The GDPR requires data protection professionals to maintain their knowledge on an ongoing basis. Therefore, the Examination Board has stipulated that candidates are required to complete one designated training course per year after the first anniversary of successfully completing their qualification. Designated training courses are listed in the online FAQs. Distance Learning candidates will be able to complete the designated courses on a distance learning basis.


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"The quality of the modules was excellent. The videos were informative and helped my understanding of the materials. The on-demand access worked well for me as it allowed me to plan a set time each week in my work schedule (or in my own time if I chose to)."
Derek Payne
Chief Pharmacist’s Office
Boots UK Limited


"I am very pleased I did the distance learning version of the qualification, as it meant I could fit study in around my work (and home) commitments much more flexibly. Whenever I submitted a query, e.g. regarding the self-assessment questions, the response was always very prompt and explained things clearly. The learning materials were really good. The videos complemented the written materials perfectly."
Claire Morrissey
Data Protection Officer
University of London


"I found the materials easy to use, helpful and informative. The self-assessment questions are very useful. I really appreciated the freedom of managing my learning time through the distance learning programme so that I could work round my work and home commitments."
Fay Clancy
Senior Officer
National Crime Agency


"The Distance Learning Programme is excellent. In terms of motivation to study, I found this relatively easy to do."
Andrew Lanigan
GDPR Compliance Manager


"The content was well structured and comprehensive. The videos are definitely a welcome addition. The exam was interesting in that the questions ensured you read the question/scenario fully and thought about the answer as opposed to merely testing your knowledge of the GDPR."
Vikki Chivers
Sales Data Manager


"The materials were very good, everything was clearly explained in the videos and in the written material."
Mark Foley
Data Protection Advisor


"As someone who was new to privacy in 2020, the positives for me included the straightforward but detailed nature of the material, the fact that I could pace myself and complete the course gradually, and able to take time to apply to practice was very valuable. I am now working in a DPO role for a complex global organisation and have found the qualification to be a key element that has enabled me to improve my knowledge and confidence over time."
Tracy Cherrington
Acacium Group


"I found the eLearning qualification to be very manageable, materials relevant and sufficiently comprehensive. Most helpful were the video tutorials and mock questions. These brought the technical understanding together in my head to enable practical application."
Iryna Marner
Legal Counsel
Allianz Insurance


"I found the material to be very accessible and the distance learning option worked well for me."
Nicholas Jupp
Assistant Director
Home Office


“I really enjoyed the Programme. It was easy to access, the course materials were excellent. All the technology worked smoothly. Any queries I had were dealt with efficiently by friendly staff. I would definitely recommend taking PDP courses to others.”
Candice Pressinger
Senior Security Consultant


“I thought that the eLearning qualification was very well structured. It was great to have videos alongside the material. The content is high quality and user-friendly.”
Justyna Suldecka
Senior Data Protection Consultant
Judicium Education


“I thought the eLearning course materials were very thorough and a good mix of both reading materials and interactivity with the videos. The self-assessments were really helpful with regards to the application of the learnings in real life scenarios.”
Kirsty Steel
Quality Manager
Axa Health


“The PDP learning materials were of a high quality, well-structured, broken up into a logical module pathway which built on earlier topics, and supplemented by the video summaries.”
Joe Hewson
Knowledge and Information Manager


“The eLearning materials were excellent and I liked the way that the test questions made me think things through - and therefore did a much better job of preparing, both for the exam and for real world questions.”
Andrew Jackson
Head of Data Protection


“I enjoyed the eLearning qualification programme and found the video material very helpful and clear.”
Hannah Bridle
Legal and Compliance Officer


"To sum up, I’d say PDP provide high quality learning materials and are always available to answer queries, and passing an exam gives you confidence in your role that you do know what you’re talking about!"
Samantha Donigan
Head of Assurance
Stockport Homes


"I found the distance learning programme very useful as I could get cracking straightaway in my own time. The videos I found very useful, as they brought the subject to life."
Carver Tedstone
Quality Auditor
The Royal British Legion


"I found the eLearning programme very convenient. I was able to review modules in my own time, and take the exam in the comfort of my own home."
Grace Kelly
Risk and Controls Officer
Dixons Carphone


"I was very pleased that I had passed the examination for the Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection. I found the Distance Learning option suited my learning style and particularly liked the ability to work at my own speed."
Nicola Young
Complaints and Information Disclosure Officer
University of Portsmouth


"I have very much enjoyed learning from home as I could fit the learning around other commitments, juggling my time as needed. The reading material content was well supported by the videos, which broke up the learning and both materials were very concise."
Leigh Fyson
Senior Specialist Data Protection
DST Systems


"The eLearning qualification programme was very helpful to me, very relevant."
Helen Williams
Data Protection Officer
NHS Dorset


"The course was great, I genuinely enjoyed the materials and feel as though the qualification was challenging and so carries weight – I certainly feel confident to improve practices in my organisation."
Mike Hyden


"Having the ability to study towards a Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection using the distance learning programme was really helpful. Due to my many other commitments, being able to study at my own convenience was invaluable. The course content was clear and concise and provided all the necessary information required to sit the exam. The accompanying videos were well presented."
Alan Jarrett
Data Protection Practitioner
Home Office


"The written materials are of good quality and explain the modules in clear and plain English. The remote learning was perfect for me as I am currently on mat leave and therefore I completed the training during the evenings. The materials are of good quality and explain the modules in clear and plain English."
Michelle Embrey
Risk and Quality Manager


"I thoroughly enjoyed the course, the modules and videos were very well put together. I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering or performing a practitioner role."
David Hardman
Cyber Assurance Expert
Ports of Jersey


"I really enjoyed the flexibility of being able to study in my own time which was one of the things that attracted me to the programme. The advantages of not having to travel into London at the crack of dawn on a busy commuter train, find the venue and then settle down to learn were huge from my perspective, it was also a huge advantage not having to take whole days out of the office. Learning in smaller chunks meant that I could process and apply the information more easily."
Elizabeth Barber
Records Manager
Kent Country Council


"The Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection Distance Learning programme is perfect for individuals wishing to expand their knowledge on EU data protection law at their own pace, wherever based. The course modules set out the subject matter of the GDPR in a clear and simple manner, allowing for a thorough understanding not only of the spirit of the law, but also, of how it should be applied in practice."
Roxanne Meilak Borg
Data Protection Officer
University of Malta


"I found the eLearning programme excellent… and user-friendly; the online exam certainly put my knowledge to the test."
David Coker
Data Protection Officer
Department for Transport


"I found the eLearning qualification programme extremely valuable and learned a great deal. In an ever changing field this allowed me to study and achieve this qualification at a pace to suit me and attain the most current level of knowledge and confidence I need to undertake my role. Thank you for such an accessible and informative programme."
Lucianne Pharoah
Records Manager
Dorset Police


"I think the quality of the learning aspects of the programme (materials and videos) were very good, well-structured and easy to follow."
Yuliya Prokopyshyn
Stephenson Law


"I found the videos and written materials accessible and easy to use.."
Ian Wallis
Data Protection Practitioner
Home Office


"The Distance Learning Programme has afforded me a global perspective on issues of data privacy. Having successfully completed the course, I feel further equipped and empowered to provide expert advice to public officers and members of the public on matters of data privacy. Indeed, I am delighted to join a cadre of globally recognized data protection professionals."
Chadwick Noel
Freedom of Information Officer
Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago


"I’m so pleased that I passed, it’s made my month! I really enjoyed the course, and found the videos very helpful. Learning from home was fine. I got into a good rhythm with it and felt I was able to control my learning a lot more."
Poppy Offer
Data Protection Specialist


"I found the course practical, informative and very well run. I am delighted I took the time out to complete the course and to have been successful in passing the PC.dp."
Louise Colgan
Data Protection Officer
Central Bank of Ireland


“At Microsoft, we believe that for organizations to succeed, they must be able to deploy technology that their employees and customers trust. We chose PDP for our training because having a thorough understanding of data protection laws and ensuring compliance is a key part of that trust."
Angela Wing


"If you are looking for a specialised course and a formal qualification in Data Protection, then this course is exactly what you need. The distance learning method involving video lectures and course material is comprehensive and allows you to study at your convenience and from the comfort of your home. I highly recommend PDP."
David Cauchi
Head of Compliance
Malta Data Protection Commissioner's Office


"I am a Deputy Data Protection Officer with some years of experience in data protection. This course has reinvigorated my zest to learn and I am already booked on a marketing course later in the year. The online version allowed me to work and learn at my own pace and use much of the content in context to aid the learning experience"
Amanda Hillman
Deputy Data Protection Officer
Home Office


"I really enjoyed this programme. The portal was easy to use and navigate. The course materials and videos were clear and easy to follow; I also found the signposts to additional reading material very helpful in giving context to the topic. I enjoyed the flexibility of being able to study at my own pace and also at a time convenient for me."
Hayley Meads
Data Protection Analyst
Rathbone Brothers Plc


"The distance learning method of videos, hand-outs and test Qs worked very well for me. I had chosen this type of programme as it was a huge advantage to be able to do this at my own pace, fitting my learning around my work commitments and not having to travel. It was a challenging exam - which was definitely a very good thing! I would certainly recommend this Programme."
Diane Lambert
Information Governance Officer
Horsham Council


"I found the eLearning qualification programme to be really well structured. I liked the combination of the videos and the self-study material."
Katie Machin
Compliance Officer
Leeds Arts University


"I chose to undertake the whole of the eLearning programme over a 5 day period within 1 week, with the exam immediately after. This worked better for me than utilising the allowed 6 month period. The material in modular format worked well with the videos and self-assessments."
Karen Andrews
Data Protection Lead
Department for Work and Pensions


"The flexibility of eLearning has been key to me being able to continue my learning. The material and especially the test questions at the end of each module help to consolidate the learning done via the videos, which are pitched at the right level and not too legalistic. I would recommend this to anyone interested in gaining their qualification in this subject."
Jan Provost
Information Rights and Complaints Manager
Charity Commission