Practitioner Certificate in Records Management

Practitioner Certificate in Records Management (Standard Programme)



The Practitioner Certificate in Records Management ("PC.rm.") is the practical qualification for those that work in the fields of records management and information governance. Successful completion of the Practitioner Certificate in Records Management Programme demonstrates to employers and others that the candidate possesses a solid knowledge of, and competence in, records management practice.

The Qualificaton can be undertaken on the following basis:

  • eLearning Programme (also known as "Distance Learning")
  • Standard Programme (conducted in-person within a traditional Classroom setting)

Outlined below is further information the 'Standard Programme' which is undertaken in-person in a Classroom setting. Individuals looking to undertake the online-version of the Qualification should view  Practitioner Certificate in Records Management - eLearning Programme.




Face to face trainingStandard Programme

Individuals wishing to gain the 'Standard' qualification must complete the three elements of the Programme:

  • 3 days face-to-face teaching
  • study of course materials
  • the Examination

The tuition section of the Programme requires candidates to attend three one-day courses. Each course is held in several cities throughout the UK at various times of the year.


Examination is taken onlineExamination

The Examination is undertaken online, and consists partly of Multiple Choice Questions and partly of a Written Assignment.


The Fee

£1,595 plus VAT (fully inclusive of tuition, materials and the Examination).

Candidates who have already attended any of the three courses within the past four years are not required to attend them again - a discount of £300 per course already attended will be applied to the Programme fee.

A discount of 10% is available for each additional candidate from your organisation enrolling at the same time.

Syllabus & Examination Board

The Syllabus for the Practitioner Certificate in Records Management Programme is available for download here.

Information on the Members of the Examination Board is available here.


Further Information

If you have a query about the Programme, please:

  • visit the FAQs page
  • telephone PDP at +44 (0)207 014 3399
  • send us an This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Applications for the Programme can be made by


Dates of Upcoming Courses

  Compulsory Courses
Candidates must attend all 3 courses shown in the table below (click on the links to see the course descriptions which open in a new window)

Compulsory Courses City Date
Records Management 1: Essential Concepts & Principles
Cardiff (Classroom)Tue 25 Apr 2023
( FULL )Virtual LIVE (Webex)Wed 10 May 2023
Manchester (Classroom)Tue 13 Jun 2023
Virtual LIVE (Webex)Mon 19 Jun 2023
London (Classroom)Mon 10 Jul 2023
Glasgow (Classroom)Tue 05 Sep 2023
Manchester (Classroom)Tue 26 Sep 2023
( FULL )Virtual LIVE (Webex)Mon 09 Oct 2023
London (Classroom)Tue 21 Nov 2023
Records Management 2: Designing & Implementing a Programme
Cardiff (Classroom)Wed 26 Apr 2023
( FULL )Virtual LIVE (Webex)Mon 15 May 2023
Manchester (Classroom)Wed 14 Jun 2023
Virtual LIVE (Webex)Fri 23 Jun 2023
London (Classroom)Tue 11 Jul 2023
Glasgow (Classroom)Wed 06 Sep 2023
Manchester (Classroom)Wed 27 Sep 2023
( FULL )Virtual LIVE (Webex)Mon 16 Oct 2023
London (Classroom)Wed 22 Nov 2023
Records Management 3: Operating & Sustaining the Programme
Cardiff (Classroom)Thu 27 Apr 2023
( FULL )Virtual LIVE (Webex)Thu 18 May 2023
Manchester (Classroom)Thu 15 Jun 2023
Virtual LIVE (Webex)Mon 26 Jun 2023
London (Classroom)Wed 12 Jul 2023
Glasgow (Classroom)Thu 07 Sep 2023
Manchester (Classroom)Thu 28 Sep 2023
( FULL )Virtual LIVE (Webex)Mon 23 Oct 2023
London (Classroom)Thu 23 Nov 2023


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Records Management Training Testimonials


“The knowledge of the trainer was excellent.”
Lindsay Campbell
Standard Life

“Extremely useful. Would recommend this course. Thanks very much.”
Jemma King
Public Health England

“I am going back with a lot of helpful information.”
Bethany Lancaster
YBS Group

“As a new person in Records Management, I found the course suited my level of knowledge. Felt encouraged to participate”
Kathryn Ward

“Very informative and gives new focus to records management tasks.”
Rachel Macleod
Shetland Islands Council

“I found the course very useful. Now to implement what I have learned at work.”
Rhona Scott
Perth & Kinross Council

“Very enjoyable.”
Mario Madden
Northern Ireland Policing Board

“Very helpful and thought provoking. Good to know that the problems I’m encountering are well-recognised. I’m not alone!”
Carol McDivitt
Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service

“Thanks to John for an informative session”
Mary Clark
Buckles Solicitors LLP

“Very engaging trainer with a broad knowledge and extensive experience”
Dan Palmer-Dunk
University of Hull