Damien Welfare  

Damien Welfare
Former Public
Law Barrister

Damien Welfare is a former public law barrister. He came to the Bar in 2001 after a career in local government, and also worked in central government. In his practice, he specialised in Information Law (data protection, freedom of information, and environmental information). He is the author of Cornerstone on Information Law (Bloomsbury, 2019), a one-volume guide to the GDPR, Environmental Information Regulations, and FOI Act. He is a contributor to Data Protection - A Practical Guide to UK Law (ed. Peter Carey) (OUP, 6th ed., 2020). Damien is a Member of the Examination Board for the Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection, and of the Editorial Board of Freedom of Information Journal.


Published Articles by Damien Welfare

  • 'Are the EIRs too broad, and is it time to revisit the concept of ‘remoteness’?' - Published in Freedom of Information, Volume 8, Issue 4
  • 'Recent decisions of the First-Tier Tribunal and Information Commissioner' - Published in Freedom of Information, Volume 7, Issue 3



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FOI and Data Protection - How They Work Together
Understanding the Environmental Information Regulations

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