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Olivia Whitcroft,

Olivia Whitcroft is a solicitor and has worked in the field of data protection for over 20 years. Since 2011 she has run her own legal practice, OBEP, specialising in data protection and technology laws. Olivia read Mathematics at university before moving to a legal career, and previously led the data protection practice at PwC Legal. Olivia enjoys assisting her clients to find practical data protection solutions. She finds the intricacies of the law exciting, and seeks to inspire others to feel the same! Olivia is a Member of the Examination Board for the Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection.


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Courses led by Olivia Whitcroft:

Conducting Data Protection Impact Assessments
Controllers and Processors - Handling the Relationship
Data Protection - Rights of Individuals
Data Protection by Design & Default
Handling Subject Access Requests
How to Conduct a Data Protection Audit
International Data Transfers - Overcoming the Limitations

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 Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection