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Keith Read 
Compliance Expert

Keith Read is an award-winning thought leader and expert in compliance, ethics and governance. He was formerly the Group Director of Compliance and Ethics for BT (British Telecom) in London and is a past winner of the Compliance Register’s Best Compliance Officer award, when he also won the Best Compliance Company award. He was subsequently the subject of a full-page Daily Telegraph national press article - 'Compliance and Science'.

He has an innovative and practical approach to compliance, using techniques such as 'Compliance not Complacence' - whilst recognising the 'Cost of Compliance'. His most recent Whitepaper - 'The Compliance Covenant' - was the featured article in Compliance and Ethics Professional, the US’s leading industry journal, and takes a new and highly original approach to the challenge facing all compliance officers; that of changing the significant ‘push’ needed to deliver and maintain an effective compliance programme into employee ‘pull’.

Keith is a frequently-requested international speaker, drawing on his wide-ranging practical experience of compliance, including the Bribery Act and Anti-Bribery and Corruption. His thought-provoking ideas and infectious enthusiasm appeal to diverse compliance, ethics and governance audiences, and readers, worldwide.


Published Articles by Keith Read



  • 'Compliance Officer influence: The five principles of persuasion for Compliance Officers'  - published in Compliance & Risk, Volume 5, Issue 4
  • 'The Vital Verifications: risks inherent in verifying online compliance training' - published in Compliance & Risk, Volume 4, Issue 6
  • 'Software review: Technology company: Comprobo Technology: Presence Assure View Assure RoboProctor' - published in Compliance & Risk, Volume 4, Issue 6
  • 'Many parties, many risks Part 2: Managing your third parties' - published in Compliance & Risk, Volume 4, Issue 5
  • Many parties, many risks Part 1: Who are your third parties?' - published in Compliance & Risk, Volume 4, Issue 4
  • 'Dawn Raid Ready Part 3: A Brief Reference Guide' - published in Compliance & Risk, Volume 3, Issue 5
  • 'Dawn raid ready Part 2: Response planning' - published in Compliance & Risk, Volume 3, Issue 4
  • 'Dawn raid ready Part 1: Reviewing the processes' - published in Compliance & Risk, Volume 3, Issue 3
  • 'Selling - not mis-selling' - Published in Compliance & Risk, March/April 2012
  • 'Creating a compliance culture using a compliance covenent' - Published in Compliance & Risk, January/February 2012




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